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The Band

Dad- Brett   

            Brett grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming where he learned the value of hard work and problem solving.  Brett has worked to pass along his love of music and entertaining to his children.  In addition to singing and playing the banjo, guitar, harmonica and bass guitar, Brett has extensive experience in radio voice work, clogging and as an audio DJ.


Mom- Chrisann

            Chrisann grew up in Greeley, the oldest of four siblings.  One of her fondest memories is gathering around the piano with her sister and brothers and singing while mom played.  She plays the piano, guitar and bass guitar.  Chrisann was home-schooled growing up and loves the opportunity to teach her three girls at home.




            Kelsey began singing and dancing in front of an audience when she was 2 years old.  A natural entertainer, Kelsey has acted in many school & church dramas and has been a radio DJ since age 9.  Kelsey plays the guitar & ukulele proficiently and sings all the time.




            Mackenzi is the animal lover of the bunch.  She has cats, dogs, hamsters, chickens and a horse to dote on every day.  Mackenzi is very interested in fashion design and already has several years of experience in audio editing under her belt.  "Kenzi", as she is affectionately known, plays the guitar, the snare drum and plans to add the fiddle to her repertoire soon.




            Lexie is the baby of the group and plays the big stand up bass.  She jokes that the case for her bass can double as a sleeping bag for her in a pinch.  Lexie has been a radio DJ and had her own feature on radio called "Lexie's Bible Stories".  When not playing music, Lexie can usually be found outside "pursuing robbers", "fighting the enemy" or experiencing some other grand adventure. 

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